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We provide online tutoring in Mathematics up to Std XII.

Online Tutoring

At DIMSCommunity, we provide mock test based on their syllabus and pattern. Tests are evaluated by our tutors and provide feedback to students.

Prepare with Mock Tests, Sectional Tests, Topic-wise Tests, Notes, for your Board Exams.

Now DIMSCommunity is your personal trainer. It has solved your two major problems forever.

  1. Where do I stand?
  2. What next should I do to succeed in my exam?

Homework Help

Test Preparation

Test Preparation

  • Practice Tests (CBSE / ICSE)
  • NTSE
  • Olympiads

Homework help is just a click away now. DIMSCommunity's interactive online tutoring and help with homework program will enable you to complete your assignments quicker and on time. With expert help available 24x7, the students will learn the subject faster and better. Get your help now!

We provide help in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Computer Science till Std XII. 

  • Dedicated team of professionals
  • Highly educated tutors
  • Assignment and Homework help with all subjects
  • 100% plagiarism free work
  • Assignments delivered on time, every time.
  • Competitive prices + Great Quality Assignments
  • Value for Money

Students can take online sessions from our tutors. We provide interactive one to one sessions, where students can interact with tutors.

Through Online tutoring student get

  • Personalized Live Teaching
  • Safe Learning
  • Save on Time
  • Anywhere, Anytime Teaching

This online "drop-by" service is just like visiting your teacher's room after class when you have questions. Our teachers are available to answer your questions directly. This is a very convenient solution if you have problems with a specific topic or problem. Please send us your questions, or the topics with which you need assistance, from Question form or by e-mails to
If you have many questions but do not need immediate help, we recommend you use E-mail service.
In Online Help service, our teachers share a computer screen with you and explain the solution. You can communicate with our teachers either through *Internet Voice (speaking through the Internet) or typing chat.
(* You need headset or a speaker and microphone set to use Internet Voice.)